Client Reviews:

Dynamic Duo...Your Best Choice. Ms. Sokolowski is a passionate,  aggressive advocate. She and her husband are an outstanding team who  together make an unbeatable team. You are much more than just another  client to them. You and your needs are their priority. They will work  tirelessly for you. They have for me and my fellow plaintiffs. Their integrity, knowledge and communication skills are second to none. You want Ms. Sokolowski on your side. - Chris 

Dora is a highly personable and successful attorney who specializes in real estate and real estate law. She is extremely knowledgeable, competent and trustworthy. We utilized her expertise when we were considering the purchase of an apartment complex. She provided sound advice and guided us through the process. I highly recommend her as an expert real estate attorney. - Barbara Radecki

Kept Me Going... At a very hard time for me, Dora and Andre not only made sure that I didn't give up, but helped me find the courage  to demand what I deserved. I was feeling broken, defeated, and very  lonely. They kept at me ... they protected me when I thought no one  would ... and they helped me win a fight I never thought I could  possibly win. I am eternally grateful. They are awesome advocates. - Sadie 

I have witnessed Dora fighting for her clients with a passion. There is  no one I would rather have in my corner to achieve justice - Bill Cowger

Dora is a strong advocate for her clients and causes. She thinks and responds very quickly when in court.  - Tom Shaevsky, Esq.

I have known Dora for over 10 years. She is one of the most passionate  attorneys I have ever met. She will always go the extra mile for her  clients and delivers amazing service.  - Alexus Sham, Esq. 

Dora is an exceptional attorney. She is professional and  effective in the cases she represents. Dora is an amazing orator. I  highly recommend her!  - Jodie

I found The Lex Firm very helpful and responsive to my situation! I feel  Dora and Andre far exceeded my expectation, I have hired attorneys in  the past and have been highly disappointed! I felt these guys were on my  side and really put extra effort on my behalf.  - Jim

Extremely Happy With Our Experience Dora helped my husband and  I when our home was going into foreclosure. She is very personable,  knowledgeable, and caring. We are now in our new home a year later and  couldn't be happier! She and her team made it possible for us and we are  forever grateful!  - Jessica


Dora is a tenacious fighter that represents her clients aggressively and achieves superior results time and time again. - David Kleczek, Esq.   

Can't imagine where we'd be without them. Dora and Andre Sokolowski are tireless, knowledgeable and unwavering lawyers that have helped my family through Hell and back again. They are fierce in protecting the rights of their clients and in making sure we achieve the best possible outcome. I've also referred friends over to them for real estate purposes and they could not be happier. At the worst of times, they managed to be the greatest advocates I could wish for. Winners in both Fields. - Ann

Andre and Dora represented my Grandparents in a dog bite lawsuit. They were professional and caring. My Grandparents were treated like family and they went above and beyond to make sure all their needs and concerns were addressed. - Dog Bite Injury Client

Dora is high energy and motivated to do the best for those  who she represents.  She’s a good person to have in your corner - Terrence Hall, J.D., Esq.

Dora was part of a team that a family member engaged in a law suit. I found Dora to be very compassionate and understanding of our distress. Dora took a personal interest in providing best in class service and I would recommend her for consideration within her areas of expertise.  - Fred Melin

Dora is one of the most genuinely caring, empathetic, and passionate people I know. I would recommend her without hesitation! - Sara Molloy

I have worked with Ms. Hermiz Sokolowski on both sides of the court - Defendant representation and Plaintiff representation and have nothing but wonderful things to say. She is the most professional and thorough attorney I have had the pleasure to work with.  -  Justine Sackeyfio-Sowizral

Dora is a tenacious advocate for her clients and an extremely skilled orator in the courtroom.  - James G. Andary, II, Esq.

One cannot hire a better person than Dora Hermiz Sokolowski. - Lee Goldman, Esq.    

Dora was there for us when we needed her most. Definitely someone to have on your side! - Linda Koykka

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Success Stories

$650,000 Settlement


In 2018, Client received compensation for wrongful conviction and unjust imprisonment for 16 years based on false accusations.

Full Custody Awarded to Dad


Father awarded full custody of 14 year old son. Mom had sole custody in TX for child's whole life, and after years of abuse and complaining to court, Dad won in Oakland County, MI. 

Recovered Millions and Counting

Recovered Millions and Counting

Jury Verdicts, Settlements and Judgments for Personal Injury